Tuana Projects continues its international consultancy and content providing services in different locations.

Tuana Projects, within the scope of the agreement with the International Development and Relief Foundation (IDRF), started to offer campaign content services to create resources and awareness for the projects of the institution in different countries.

In this context, the visual pool and field stories of IDRF's projects in Turkey, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Chad, Niger and Burkina Faso throughout 2022 are prepared by the teams of Tuana Projects to be used in videos, social media images and website contents.

As TUANA Projects, images taken from the field, human stories and translations by our multilingual teams are compiled in the light of humanitarian aid standards and sustainable development goals, and continue to be used by IDRF teams for advocacy and fundraising in the international arena to raise public awareness.

This service, which currently continues in 7 countries, is expected to continue with different thematic contents throughout the year.