About Us


About Us

Tuana Consulting provides services and produces value-added projects in the fields of "Construction and Contracting",, "Advertising & Organization",, "Consulting & Training", in Turkey and in the international market. Our Company, starting with the motto “Investment in life and human beings,” offers services with the experienced staff and its consultant consisting of experts and academics the experienced staff and expert consultants and academics in order to provide fast, results-oriented and innovative solutions that can meet the needs of our customers. The most important feature that separates us from other consulting companies in the areas in which we operate is that we provide fast solutions by focusing on quality and establishing appropriate project management system by serving the needs of our customers in different fields under one roof with the network we have in Turkey and worldwide, and with our national and international solution partners.


Building and Housing Projects

Infrastructure Projects

Industrial Facility Projects

Real Estate Consultancy

Investment Consultancy

Preparation of Industrial Reports

Management of Tender Legislation and Contract

Preparation and Carrying Out Grant Supported Projects

Franchise Consultancy

Corporate Trainings

Web Design and Graphical Design

Video Production and Photograph Shooting

Magazine Design and Content Management

Events and Organization